Jun 30, 2009

10 friggin' nominees

You Call That a Strike?!

Just a Quick E-mail

The Whipmaster

Jun 29, 2009

Let's Burst the Bubble

Taking Humor Seriously: George Meyer, the Funniest Man Behind the Funniest Show on TV

Sex Americana

Jun 26, 2009

Other Proposed Changes to the 2010 Oscars

That is, besides just making it longer and more self-congratulatory.

The Tragic End of Michael Jackson

Welcome to NBA Draft Diary XIII

Spinal Tap isn't tapped out yet

$1 Million Netflix Prize So Close, They Can Taste It

Q&A: The Big Sort

Jun 25, 2009

Sanford Thinks Adultery is Wrong (If Clinton Does It)

Heartless: The Disturbing Glee at Mark Sanford's Downfall

The Placebo Effect

Open Letter to Blake Griffin

John Grisham Marks 20th Anniversary of "A Time To Kill"

Jun 24, 2009

Interview with Professor Michael Showalter, Part One

Giving Don Fehr His Due

Get a Life, Holden Caulfield

Jun 23, 2009

Reagan Was Wrong

Find My iPhone works, and it is awesome.

The Top 10 Most Absurd Time Covers of The Past 40 Years

Jun 22, 2009

California Has No Money and Few Options

Pursuit of Grand Slam Mark Not the Same For Roger Federer Without Rafael Nadal

Playboy Interview: Alec Baldwin

Michael Cera: What I've Learned

Jun 19, 2009

Other Things Sarah Palin Is Now Demanding an Apology For

Up to, but not yet including, this list.

New Glimpses of Life's Puzzling Origins

Land of Lost Movies

Videogames and the Impossibility of Escape from Planet Earth

Jun 18, 2009

Strokes of Genius

Enough Already

My Failed Attempt To Return A Broken "Comfort Wipe"

Jun 17, 2009

Tina Fey: Let's Face It, She Rocks

Tom Brokaw Pre-Tapes

Why Nice Guys Should Finish First – But Don't

Talkin' Pitch Counts and Nolan Ryan's Crusade

Jun 16, 2009

How to Approach the Sensitive Question: Anal?

Palin Can't Outsmart Letterman

TV Dinners

Jun 15, 2009

Baseball's LeBron

A.V. Club Interview: William Sanderson

Norm Macdonald Talks Stand-Up, Teases FX "Reality" Show

Jun 12, 2009

Rejected Jeopardy! Categories

Yet somehow "Potent Potables" still gets a free pass.

With Apologies to the Palins

David Letterman isn't the only one who has some explaining to do.

Studying the Finals

Did David Letterman Get a Free Pass?

The Making of Zach Galifianakis

Orphaned Tweets

Jun 11, 2009

Achtung, Baby!

The Early Jobs of 13 Political Icons

Can Right-Wing Hate Talk Lead To Murder?

Why 2009 Is Shaping Up As the Year of No Stars

I Cook, Therefore I Am

Jun 10, 2009

30 Rock Is a Rip-Off of The Muppet Show!

Steve Martin and His Passion, The Banjo

A Note From Stephen Colbert

Jun 9, 2009

What The Fuck Happened to TV?

Nick Popovich, Super Repo Man

Most Bizarre Series Finales of All Time

The Costliest Ten-Dollar Cat in Texas

Jun 8, 2009

The PoopReading.com Baseball Movie Draft

Really, not to toot our own horn here, but if you like baseball, and you like movies, then I don't know why on earth you wouldn't want to read this.

Sly Stallone Pudding & 7 More Unique Celebrity Products

An Extremely Awkward Encounter With Larry David

Jun 5, 2009

Less Prestigious 300 Clubs

Sometimes membership does not have its privileges.

Why GM failed

The Hitler Meme

Easy Solutions #1

Jun 4, 2009

Call Malcolm Gladwell, I'm a Weight Gain Outlier

Letters of the Rich and Famous

Viewing a TV Death In Four Acts

Jun 3, 2009

The 12 Most Underappreciated Films of My Lifetime

My take on a column idea that originated more than a year ago. I am nothing if not timely.

My Year of Flops Case File #59: Pennies From Heaven

Crazy Talk

Randy, the Babe Ruth of Beanballs

Jun 2, 2009

Goodbye, GM

The Birth of "God kills a kitten"

25 And Over

Jun 1, 2009

The Ten Biggest Non-Sports Upsets of the Last 25 (or so) Years, Part II

Let's finish what we started, shall we?

Dear Pixar, From All The Girls With Band-Aids On Their Knees

The Greatest Game Ever Pitched

The New Cult Canon: Team America: World Police

Heaven, Hell, and the Ultimate Baseball Road Trip

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