Jun 12, 2009

The classic game show Jeopardy! is now in its 45th season, and has risen to prominence as one of the most beloved shows in TV history. But behind the scenes, it takes a lot of thorough vetting of category ideas to maintain the high standard of quality...

Rejected Jeopardy! Categories

—Rhymes With Fuddruckers (Mike)

—Ends With "-igger" (Joe)

—Horrible Things One Could Do to the Morbidly Obese (Brandon)

—Great Moments In Testicular Torsion (Sean)

—Sam Waterston Legal Dramas Not Starting With "Law" and Ending With "Order" (Matt)

—History's Lesser-Known Rapes (Jameson)

—Famous 20th Century Felchers (Brad)

—Ed Asner Farted Here (Mike)

—Famous Prostitutes (Sean)

—Potent Scrotables (Joe)

—Things That Fit in a Womb (Matt)

—Things That Sound Better When Neil Diamond Says Them (Jameson)

—Howie Mandel TV Shows/Crimes Against Humanity (Mike)

—Name That Celebrity Genitalia (Brandon)

—Rhymes With "Orange" (Jameson)

—Trekkie or Trebekkie? (Mike)

—Rooms in This Studio in Which I, Alex Trebek, Have Pooped (Matt)

—Things Merv Griffin Doesn't Want His Wife To Find Out About (Jameson)

—Secret Homosexual Trysts of Canadian Game Show Hosts (category personally rejected by Alex Trebek) (Joe)

—Chicks JFK Banged (Sean)

—Historical Sites Where Pat Sajak Has Masturbated (Mike)

—Types of Underwear My Wife Refuses To Wear (Matt)

—Cock-Shaped Fruits & Vegetables (Jameson)

—People Who've Never Been In My Kitchen, and Never Will Be, Goddammit (Sean)

Baron von Contributors: Sean Hecht, Brad Kruse, Brandon Kruse, Matt Kruse, Joe Mulder, Jameson Simmons, Mike Wagner

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