May 28, 2010

Ways to Fill the Void During the Summer TV Hiatus

Which is not to be confused with Ways to Kill the Noid Using a Plumber's PVC Apparatus.

Magic numbers: A meeting of mathemagical tricksters

Entertainment A-List No. 9: Lorne Michaels

May 27, 2010

Humans: Why They Triumphed

Jedi Knight of Hoops

May 26, 2010

From Big Leagues, Hints at Sibling Behavior

Interleague play unnecessarily tips the scales in the pennant races

May 25, 2010

A.V. Club Interview: Will Forte

What the Supreme Court's antitrust ruling means to the NFL

May 24, 2010

Law & Order School of Drama

May 21, 2010

Surprises Found in the Final Episode of Lost

Come on, why would they give us anything other than more of the lucid, straightforward, plain-spoken storytelling we've come to enjoy over the years?

Kevin Costner donates 'Ocean Therapy' invention to clean up BP oil spill

Talking Shit

May 20, 2010

CBS Is Trying To Kill "Community"

Searching For Jesus In the Gospels

May 19, 2010

Best of Baron von Funny: April-May 2009

From Somali pirates to the new Star Trek movie to Obama's first 100 days in office (and more!), enjoy some of our favorite jokes from one year ago.

Be Funny, Biting, Sweet, Ironic, and Just This Short of Sappy

Willie Banks: Returning to baseball saved my life

May 18, 2010

The Secret Life of Your Home

The Enemy Within

May 17, 2010

Lowe-Down on Parks & Rec – Suits Wanted Eye Candy

Tuned In: Parks and Recreation

May 14, 2010

Lesser-Known Features of the New NASCAR Hall of Fame

Celebrating 62 years of ancillary carbon monoxide poisoning!

Do 'Family Values' Weaken Families?

Facebook's Gone Rogue

May 13, 2010

The Peekaboo Paradox

Moyer's Career Longevity Is One For the Ages

May 12, 2010

My Favorite Actor

May 11, 2010

Tax the Hell Out of Wall Street and Give it to Main Street

Get Rid of Internet Memes

May 10, 2010

Why an essential part of the game's romance is in decline

May 7, 2010

Other Ways BP Plans to Make Up for the Gulf Oil Spill

You just know the make-up sex is going to be really, really good.

After dark, the dirty work at Disneyland begins

Toy Story 3 director Unkrich earns spotlight

May 6, 2010

If I Didn't Want It, I Wouldn't Have Let "You" Take The Car

Statues Honor Minnesota Twins Greats

May 5, 2010

The Best Show On TV

I suspect that "Friday Night Lights" will hold this title until it goes off the air for good. There's really nothing "Modern Family" or anybody else can do, which is a bit of a shame, but "Friday Night Lights" is just so damn good.

Can Your Baby Wield a Machete?

Why I Hate 3-D (and You Should Too)

May 4, 2010

If the TSA Were Running New York

Leno at the White House Correspondents' Dinner: He's No Obama

Disney Uses Cliffhanger to Market Toy Story 3

May 3, 2010

Scott Adsit Talks 30 Rock, Improvisation, and Alec Baldwin's Big Ideas

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