Mar 9, 2018

Auto manufacturers are constantly putting out new models, and as such, are forced to get creative with the names of those new models as the market becomes more and more saturated. But they also have to draw the line somewhere...

Rejected Model Names for New Cars

—Honda Pube (Tenessa)

—Chevy Covfefe (Joe W.)

—Ferrari Compensator (Sean)

—Mercedes Ruehl (Mike)

—Lincoln Assassination (Brandon)

—Porsche Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire (Jameson)

—BMW WTF (Joe M.)

—Ram Dong (Matt)

—Dodge Mueller (Mike)

—Ford FU-69 (Tenessa)

—Hyundai Sunday (Sean)

—The Land Rover Entitled Prep School Graduate Limited Edition (Brandon)

—Honda Wendysrun (Jameson)

—Jeep Redskins (Mike)

—Mercedeez Nuts (Joe M.)

—Dodge Daniel Dennison (Joe W.)

—HUMMER Hush Money (Mike)

—Chrysler Areola (Tenessa)

—The All-New 1994 Ford Orenthal James (Sean)

—Kia Sera Sera (Brandon)

—Mini Winnie Cooper (Mike)

—Acura No-Shit Actual For Real Batmobile (ran into significant copyright problems with DC Comics) (Joe M.)

—Mercury Poisoning (Mike)

—Dodge Ball (Tenessa)

—The Oldsmobile So-This-Is-What-My-Life-Is-Now (Sean)

—Volkswagen Über Alles (Mike)

—Subaru Fuck Palace (Brandon)

—Scion My Shoulder (Jameson)

—Rolls-Royce Citation Hatchback (Mike)

—Chevrolet Four-Wheeled Steel-Encased Transportation Device (released during marketers' union strike) (Sean)

—Volvo Vulva (Brandon)

—Lexus Betterthanyou (Mike)

—Tesla [Orgasm Sound] (Jameson)

—Maserati #MeToo (Mike)

—Infiniti Andbeyond (Brandon)

Baron von Contributors: Tenessa Gemelke, Sean Hecht, Brandon Kruse, Matt Kruse, Joe Mulder, Jameson Simmons, Mike Wagner, Joe Wright

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