Jan 5, 2018

In anticipation of a major winter storm featuring 40-60mph winds, 6-12 inches of snow, and freezing temperatures hitting the East Coast, meteorologists have been using the term "bomb cyclone" to describe the weather phenomenon. But that was not the only name under consideration...

Other Names Considered for the East Coast Winter Storm Besides "Bomb Cyclone"

—Meteorological Cock Punch (Joe M.)

—Snow Man’s Land (Jameson)

—The Nor'easter That's Gonna Kick Your Keister (Brandon)

—A Wednesday in the Midwest (Mike)

—California Further Overpopulator (Joe W.)

—Weather Channel Boner (Matt)

—Irrefutable Proof of Whatever You Happen to Believe About Climate Change (Joe M.)

—Total Coincidence Unrelated to Any Man-Made Environmental Changes (Jameson)

—Category 69 Fuckstorm (Brandon)

—Flurrycane (Mike)

—The Blizzard of Ahhhh's (Joe W.)

—Old Man Winter Shart (Matt)

—Roughly 48 Hours Worth of Headlines and Video Footage That'll Be Forgotten By the Rest of the Country By Next Tuesday Because There's No Way Trump Goes More Than 2-3 Days Without Posting Something Insane on Twitter (Brandon)

—Stormy McStormface (Jameson)

—Snow Porn (Mike)

—2 Fast 2 Flurry-ous (Joe W.)

—What You Assholes Have Coming (Joe M.)

—Winter Weather Event #24697-J (Brandon)

—The Boston Yeti Party (Jameson)

—Rokergasm (Mike)

—After 90 Minutes of Fucking Shoveling, This Topic Isn't So Fucking Funny Any More (OK, that's a terrible name actually) (Joe W.)

—Nuclear Winter (Brandon)

Baron von Contributors: Brandon Kruse, Matt Kruse, Joe Mulder, Jameson Simmons, Mike Wagner, Joe Wright

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