Sep 15, 2017

TV networks have started airing new programming for the 2016-17 season, but for every show that makes it on the air, there are dozens of other shows that never see the light of day, many for good reason...

Rejected Pilots for the 2017 Fall TV Season

Fuck It, More Torkelsons (Joe W.)

The Taxpayer's Wife (Jameson)

Presidential-ish (Mike)

Oh No He Di'int!...Eat That: World's Deadliest Foods (Matt)

ANTIFAmily Matters (Joe M.)

Considerably More Breakable Kimmy Schmidt, Thanks to Nine Months of Enduring the Trump Administration (Brandon)

Game of Crohn's (Mike)

Who Wants to Marry a Hurricane? (Matt)

Better Off Ted Cruz (Joe W.)

Modern White Supremacist Family (Jameson)

Big Brother: Ousted White House Staffer Edition (Mike)

Guys and Dolls and Transformers (Matt)

Don't Trust the B–––– in 1600 P (Joe M.)

Deadliest STD Catch (Brandon)

Guess What, Nazis? You're Related to Black People with Dr. Henry Louis Gates (Mike)

The Awesome Adventures of Sorghum, Alfalfa, and Hay Hay Hay! (Matt)

Hot Old People Who DON'T Solve Crimes (Joe M.)

The Umpire Diaries (Joe W.)

Talkin' Scat with Scat (hologram Scatman Crothers crisscrosses the globe looking for animal droppings) (Matt)

Antiques Roadshow: Treasures of the Confederacy (Mike)

Mark Feuerstein's 47th Bite at This Particular Apple (our mistake; that one wasn't rejected) (Joe M.)

Murder, She Tweeted (Matt)

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