Jul 28, 2017

It was announced this week that Hillary Clinton will be publishing a memoir about the 2016 presidential election entitled What Happened, to be released in September. But getting to that title took a lengthy process of elimination...

Rejected Titles for Hillary Clinton's Upcoming Book

What the Fuck Happened? (Dan)

If I Won It (Jameson)

But My Emails... (Brandon)

Vadge of Honor (Joe)

Tuesdays with Moron (Matt)

Most Likely to Win the Popular Vote (Mike)

So Fucking Tired of This Shit Already (Tenessa)

No, Seriously, What THE FUCK Happened?!? (Jameson)

Seven Months Curled Up in a Fetal Position, Then I Wrote This Book (Brandon)

I Don't Feel Like Anything Lena Dunham Did Helped (Joe)

Suck on My Pantsuit, Bitches (Matt)

Siiiiigggggghhhhhhhhhh (Mike)

You'd Like Me If You Knew Me, But Despite My Good Intentions, I Simply Can't Get Out of My Own Way (Jameson)

Would It Have Helped If I'd Said Something Like "Hook 'Em By the Anus"? (Brandon)

Nobody Ever Talks About All the Women Bill Sexually Assaulted Whose Lives I DIDN'T Help Ruin (Joe)

What Happened? What Happened?!? Fuck You, That's What Happened! (Matt)

400 Photographs of My Middle Finger (Mike)

Guess Whose Fault This Isn't! (Jameson)

How I Lost to a Big Orange Doofus Who Never Should Have Stood a Chance Against Me, co-authored by Cam Newton (Joe)

Serves You Right, You Stupid Fucksticks (Mike)

If Only I Were Ernest Borgnine (Matt)

What Are the Chances That ANYTHING I Say Would Change the Opinion You Already Have of Me? (Jameson)

It Takes a Village... of Deplorables to Fuck Over a Nation (Mike)

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! (Brandon)

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