Jun 9, 2017

A few weeks ago, Tom Cruise confirmed that he will be starring in a sequel to his 1986 hit, Top Gun, and this week, he revealed that it will be titled Top Gun: Maverick. But it took a lot of trial and error to find a title that everyone could agree on...

Rejected Titles for the Upcoming Top Gun Sequel

Topper Gunniest (Brandon)

2 Top, 2 Gun (Dan)

Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Tom Control (Joe)

The Top Guns Meet the Lady Ghostbusters (Jameson)

Maverick Converts to Scientology (Mike)

The Iceman Cometh (Brandon)

Top Fun! Top Gun Goes on Spring Break (Dan)

Another Thinly-Veiled Excuse for Homoerotic Volleyball (Joe)

We Managed to Squeeze in Nicolas Cage! (Jameson)

Goose Took Her to Bed and Still Lost Her Forever, So What's the Point of Anything? (Brandon)

Fly, Boys! Flyboys: The Boys Who Fly (Joe)

Thirty Years Later, Still Hot & Bothered About Russia (Jameson)

Stop Gun (Anti-gun violence PSA) (Dan)

Don't Worry, Everybody, Whip Hubley's Definitely Coming Back as "Hollywood" Neven! (Brandon)

Goose Down (Wait, sorry–that was a rejected title for the original Top Gun) (Joe)

Now That It's All Drones, Maverick Hangs Out in a Barcalounger (Jameson)

Top Gun vs. Mothra (Dan)

This Movie Has to Make Money Overseas in Countries That Have Spending Money, So Yeah, the Bad Guys Will Be North Korean (Joe)

Tub Gorp (Brandon)

Alien vs. Predator vs. Maverick (Joe)

Ride Into the Metamucil Zone (Jameson)

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