Jan 27, 2017

This week, Disney and Lucasfilm announced the full title for the next highly-anticipated Star Wars sequel: Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The Internet was, as usual, abuzz with speculation about what this title might mean, along with concerns of a Jedi shortage. Maybe if the filmmakers had gone with one of their other choices...

Other Titles Considered for The Last Jedi

Finding Lukey (Joe)

The Last Jedi Meets the Last Harlem Globetrotter (Jameson)

Predators Vs. Wookiees (Matt)

Turns Out a Bunch of Jedi Were Just on Vacation; We Should Really Put Together a Phone Tree (Jameson)

The Empire Strikes Back at the Dishonest Media (Brandon)

The Last Wisecracking Robot (Jameson)

Black Stormtroopers Matter (Joe)

Controversial Park Service Estimates Regarding the Number of Remaining Jedi (Jameson)

The Revenge of Zombie Han Solo (Jameson)

Still Climbin' Out of the Jar Jar Hole (Joe)

Three Jedi and a Little Lady (Jameson)

Come See If We Got Carrie Fisher into the Gold Bikini One Last Time! (Jameson)

Vini Jedi Vici (Jameson)

These Movies Are For Children. You Like Them Because You Were A Child When You First Saw Them. (Joe)

Jimmy Smits's Last Stand (Jameson)

It's Just Valkyrie with "Pew-Pew" Sounds Dubbed Over the Gunshots (Jameson)

We Aren't the One with Spock and Them (Joe)

The Last Jedi to Buy an Avocado for Under Nine Dollars (Jameson)

Tyler Perry's The Last Madea (Brandon)

Dick Deadeye the Pirate Jedi (Jameson)

#NotMyEmperor (Joe)

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