Sep 16, 2016

TV networks have started airing new programming for the 2015-16 season, but for every show that makes it on the air, there are dozens of other shows that never see the light of day, many for good reason...

Rejected Pilots for the 2016 Fall TV Season

Toaster Full of Cash in a Hot Tub! (Brandon)

Even More Strangerer Things (Tenessa)

Someone Other Than Kiefer Sutherland Is in Charge of Whether or Not Your Family Gets Incinerated in a Terrorist Attack (Joe)

Stare at This Pulsing Psychedelic Pattern for Half an Hour and Take Your Mind Off This Horrible, Horrible Election (Jameson)

Schtick Around, It's Foibles Time! (Matt)

Watch Oliver Platt Watch the Olympics (Jameson)

Hot Air Balloon Cops (Brandon)

Anthem-Protesting with the Stars (Joe)

How Secure Is Your AOL Password? (Jameson)

The New Adventures of Old Chris Christie (Matt)

The Lady President Who Obviously Couldn't Function Because, You Know, Chick Stuff (Tenessa)

Ska Babies! (No! Not Scabies! Listen, everyone is perfectly healthy, these are just some cute talking babies who never gave up on the ska explosion of the mid-90s!) (Jameson)

26 Minutes of Mario Lopez Smiling (Matt)

So You Think You Can Outwit an Angry Hyena We've Released into Your Family Home While Your Kids Are Sleeping? (Jameson)

The Amazing Race (but where "race" means "white people") (Joe)

DIY Vaccines (Tenessa)

Real, Uncensored Reactions From 16 Hardworking Screenwriters Learning Their Script Wasn't Picked Up Because the Network Was Greenlighting a MacGyver Reboot Instead (Jameson)

American Horror Story: The Decision-Making of the Clinton Campaign (Brandon)

Joe Regalbuto Attempts to Maintain a Polite, Civil Discourse (Jameson)

Ascot Men (Matt)

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