Jun 17, 2016

This week, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump revoked the press credentials of the Washington Post, claiming that the paper has no journalistic integrity and writes falsely about him after the Post reported that Trump had suggested there was a connection between President Obama and the Orlando nightclub shooting. The Post is neither the first, nor will they be the last, to be on the receiving end of a Trump ban...

Things That Will Get You Banned by Donald Trump

—Suggesting that America might already be great. (Jameson)

—Holding him to his word on something he said prior to the word he just uttered. (Matt)

—Standing behind him while holding up a ball of cotton candy at head level. (Brandon)

—Not being white after Labor Day. (Joe)

—Smiling at an 8. (Mike)

—Demonstrating how effortlessly the glove from the O.J. trial would fit him. (Jameson)

—Wearing Ban deodorant. Also, confusingly, for not wearing Ban deodorant. (Matt)

—Putting "i" before "e" when they come after "c," such as in the sentence "on the recieving end of an historic electoral beat down by Hillary Clinton." (Joe)

—Follow-up questions. (Jameson)

—Wearing clothing with a muslin weave. Get an American-sounding garment! (Matt)

—Submitting his Starbucks order under the name "Rosie O'Donnell". (Jameson)

—Trying to trick him into believing there is such a thing as a golden eagle, and that he somehow doesn't already own one. (Matt)

—Logic, reason, cause-and-effect; any of the main evils of modern discourse. (Jameson)

—Living in a building that doesn't have your last name on it in giant letters. (Joe)

—Shooting video with your smartphone in a vertical orientation. (Jameson)

—Farts that sound like anything other than his last name. (Matt)

—Pretty much anything Omarosa did. (Jameson)

—Pronouncing the "h" in the word "huge." (Joe)

—Having a Mexican friend. ("Friends with benefits" excluded.) (Jameson)

—Pointing to his sinking poll numbers and saying, "You're fired." (Brandon)

Baron von Contributors: Brandon Kruse, Matt Kruse, Joe Mulder, Jameson Simmons, Mike Wagner

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