Apr 22, 2016

BuzzFeed, the internet media company, turns 10 years old this year, and the website's clickbait mix of news items, quizzes, and lists remains as popular as ever. But what about the stuff that doesn't make the cut?

Rejected BuzzFeed Content

—6 Astonishing Photographs Taken with the Lens Cap On (Jameson)

—Is Your Spouse Cheating on You with Mumford & Sons? (Brandon)

—38 Things That Fit in Michael Strahan's Tooth Gap That Don't Fit in David Letterman's (Mike)

—This British Prime Minister Believed Hitler When He Promised "Peace in Our Time." You Won't Believe What Happens Next! (Joe)

—Can You Guess Which Pastries This Penis Is About to Be Inserted Into? (Matt)

—4 Episodes of Maude That Were Actually Episodes of The Rockford Files (Jameson)

—How Dressing Up and Acting Like C-3PO All the Time Helped Me Get Over My Social Anxiety (Brandon)

—Can You Identify These Stars By Their Most Recent Prescriptions? (Mike)

—12 Itemized Deductions From the 2011 Tax Return of Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) – Number Five Will Blow Your Mind! [It's Pens] (Joe)

—9 Catastrophic Fatalities That Could Have Been Prevented By a Properly Placed Oxford Comma (Jameson)

—An In-Depth Look at All of the Movies in Which Daryl Hannah Has Been a Mermaid (Matt)

—I Spent a Year as a Lifeguard in Mark Cuban's Man-Cave Grotto (Jameson)

—Which Major League Baseball Manager Body Type Are You? (Brandon)

—7 Movies That Don't Feature Kevin Sorbo, But Now That You Think of It, They Really Should (Jameson)

—Hoda and Kathie Lee Played Marry, Fuck, Kill, and What Happened Next Is One for the Record Books (Mike)

—How Well Do You Know Your A Different World Guest Stars? (Jameson)

—17 In-Game Photos of Former Purdue Basketball Coach Gene Keady Where It Looks Like He's Climaxing (Joe)

—Are You Blanche From Golden Girls First Husband or Second Husband? (Mike)

—8 Harry Potter Movies You Positively Must See (Jameson)

—You'll Never Go Back to Regular Shirts After Seeing This One Made Out of Pants (Brandon)

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