Feb 19, 2016

3D printers have already been used to print plastic items like toys or phone cases, but this week, researchers from the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine published a study detailing a new 3D printer that can build biocompatible tissues for use in transplants, including muscle, cartilage, bone, and an entire human ear. But some 3D items are best left unprinted...

Least Popular Items to Create Using a 3D Printer

—Pubes. (Tenessa)

—Jeb Bush. (Dan)

—A black hole. (Jameson)

—Hitler's syphilis-riddled cock. (Brandon)

—Another goddamn Pirates of the Caribbean movie. (Joe)

—Cat lingerie. (Matt)

—Peyton Manning's buttocks and testicles on top of some poor trainer's head. (Mike)

—A Möbius Strip made of double-sided tape. (Jameson)

—Turd to be placed in the punch bowl you printed out moments earlier. (Brandon)

—Bacne. (Joe)

—Titty tassles. (Matt)

—The real killers (OJ Simpson only). (Mike)

—Shia LaBeouf. (Jameson)

—Painting of the guy who painted that dogs playing poker painting in the act of painting that very painting. (Brandon)

—I guess you'd think that I would say "A hard day's work," right, Dad? (Mike)

—A human ear that's, like, almost imperceptibly larger than the other ear, so people walk around looking like Victor Garber. (Joe)

—Another, slightly smaller 3D printer that's programmed to immediately print out another, slightly smaller 3D printer that's also programmed to immediately print out another, slightly smaller 3D printer, continuing the cycle until the printers get so small they can no longer be seen by the human eye. (Matt)

AfterMASH. (Mike)

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