Dec 4, 2015

Singer Marvin Lee Aday and the Mayor of Flavortown can agree on one thing: they both enjoy a good Meat Loaf.

Rejected Meat Loaf Songs and/or Accepted Guy Fieri Restaurant Menu Items

—Two Outta Three Ain't Bread (Joe)

—I Would Do Anything for Fudge (But I Won't Do Butterfat) (Brandon)

—It's All Corned Beef to Me Nachos (Matt)

—Roasted Bat out of Hella-Flavored Chipotle Gravy (Mike)

—Egg White Omelette (feat. Ted Nugent) (Jameson)

—PBR Beakfast (Dan)

—Parboiled In Jackson Hole (Joe)

—You Put the Beef Wellington Right In My Mouth (Matt)

—Acapulco Sunrise (Lay Me Down in a Cheese Fries Bed After the Dragon Mashed Potatoes) (Mike)

—Pickle Drip (Jameson)

—Pre-Baked Heart (Dan)

—Fully Loaded: Beer Fart Soup (Mike)

—Crotch Soup (Joe)

—Alablamma (Jameson)

—Picked Up Off the Floor (Again) (Brandon)

—Overspiced by the Dashboard Light (Mike)

—All Revved Up with Noodle Plates (to Go) (Matt)

—Cincinnati Wolfshriek (Jameson)

—Ass Volcano Chili Fries of Love (Mike)

—It's All Coming Back Up on Me Now (Dan)

Baron von Contributors: Brandon Kruse, Matt Kruse, Dan Lee, Joe Mulder, Jameson Simmons, Mike Wagner

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