Jul 31, 2015

Getting unfriended or unfollowed on Facebook or Twitter happens to everyone, though it happens to some more often than others...

Reasons You Were Unfriended/Unfollowed on Social Media

—Too many/not enough cat photos. (Mike)

—The return of Burger King's "Unfriend 10 people, get a free Whopper" campaign, and Taco Bell's new offer "Unfriend 100 people, win as much shredded lettuce as you can carry out of the store!" (Jameson)

—It was an unfortunate typo, to be sure, but still, it's awfully hard to bounce back from "I don't see anything wrong with fag burning." (Brandon)

—Too many Dick pics. Cavett, Van Dyke, Butkus, Cheney, York, Wolf, "Night Train" Lane... just so many Dick pics. To be clear, we're talking about showcasing photographs of all those men's penises. (Joe)

—I kept recommending my awesome new dentist in Bloomington, Minnesota. He's an avid hunter and has tons of openings. (Dan)

—People started realizing they couldn't write off their followers as dependents at tax time. (Jameson)

—Poor choice to have your Bill Murray parody account tweet several updates on your grandpa's lumbago. (Brandon)

—Constant Murder, She Wrote retro-spoilers. (Joe)

—#NothinButHashtags (Dan)

—Now that Bloom County is on Twitter, why follow anything or anyone else? (Jameson)

—Social media just isn't ready for the full-on Glen experience. (Brandon)

—Feedmugging: The new trend of accosting strangers at gunpoint and forcing them to unfriend or unfollow someone. (Jameson)

—People tend to tolerate, at most, ten daily links to your blog about the little-seen 1991 sitcom The Torkelsons. (Joe)

—That time you posted a Facebook link to your Twitter post which was just a link back to that same Facebook link. (Jameson)

—Somehow every food pic you post comes off as blatantly racist. (Dan)

—This is just a crazy stab in the dark, but something related to Obama? (Brandon)

Baron von Contributors: Brandon Kruse, Dan Lee, Joe Mulder, Jameson Simmons, Mike Wagner

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