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May 8, 2015

The 141st running of the Kentucky Derby took place last weekend, with Ambrosia winning the race. Except that's not the name of the winner, that's a stripper name we found on the internet. The actual winner was American Pharaoh. Or was it? Can you tell the difference between the name of a racehorse and the name of a stripper? Can anyone?

Stripper Names or Kentucky Derby Horses

—Burning Sensation (Jameson)

—Down the Stretch (Joe)

—She's a Real Mudder (Brandon)

—Sinsinaughty (Dan)

—Bringing up the Rear (Mike)

—Goes All the Way (Tenessa)

—Chance Encounter (Jameson)

—Texx Mexxx (Brandon)

—Kandi Krush (Joe)

—Cosby's Drink (Dan)

—Dashed Hope (Jameson)

—Pees Standing Up (Brandon)

—Baltimore Stinger (Mike)

—Slippery Suzy (Tenessa)

—Least Favorite Daughter (Jameson)

—Fusaichi Pegasus (Brandon)

—Antibiotic Sally (Mike)

—Trouble with the Curve (Jameson)

—Madam Pre$ident (Brandon)

—Ample Annie (Joe)

—Butt Stuff (Mike)

—War Eagle (Jameson)

—Destined for the Glue Factory (Brandon)

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