Feb 13, 2015

This week, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams was suspended without pay for six months after it was revealed that he had fabricated stories about being in a military helicopter that was shot down in Iraq in 2003, and that he witnessed a man commit suicide by jumping off of a building during coverage of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. But these are not the only times Williams has stretched the truth...

Other Questionable Claims Made By Brian Williams Over the Years

—That he could see Russia from Sarah Palin's house. (Joe)

—He was born a poor black child. (Dan)

—He ate nothing but Cheerios for the entirety of 2007. (Jameson)

—Can identify any living President just by the smell of their taint. (Matt)

—Got his start as "Dan Rather" over on CBS. (Mike)

Rock Center was not just the title of his failed newsmagazine show, it's also an accurate description of 98% of his poop. (Brandon)

—He totally has a wife, but she lives in Canada. (Tenessa)

—That the top story tonight was your mom. (Joe)

—"You're So Vain" was written about him. (Dan)

—Claims he can predict the future, but really all he can do is tell you how many minutes are left till the top of the hour. (Jameson)

—The best omelette he's ever eaten was made with platypus eggs and the flesh of a man, deep in the Amazon rainforest. (Matt)

—Totally doesn't watch his daughter's sex scenes on Girls. (Mike)

—Can see through fudge. (Brandon)

—Lorne Michaels's hair is made of cotton candy. (Joe)

—Cured his erectile dysfunction by attaching jumper cables to his penis and having his wife start their car. (Brandon)

—That he was born a woman, and was in fact the older sister of Venus and Serena Williams until some expensive surgery. (Jameson)

—Made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs. (Dan)

—Tom Brokaw can consume a fajita just by sticking it under his armpit. (Brandon)

—Has never seen a bee. (Jameson)

—He was the one who told Dylan to go electric. (Mike)

—Ate just one Lay's potato chip in 1983 and never touched them again. (Brandon)

—His statement, "In no particular order: bros, hos." (Joe)

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