Sep 19, 2014

The major networks started airing new programming for the 2014-15 TV season this week, but for every show that makes it on the air, there are dozens of other shows that never see the light of day, and many for good reason...

Rejected Pilots for the 2014 Fall TV Season

Reading Aloud From the AP Stylebook (Mike)

Coyote Shipwreck! (Tenessa)

NFL's Greatest Hits (of Wives and Children) (Joe)

—David E. Kelley's Lady Lawyer Be Crazy (Jameson)

American Horror Story: Those Bastards at Apple & U2 Gave Me Free Music (Brandon)

The Big Evolution Theory (Dan)

Mr. T Presents: Pitied Fools From Around the World (Matt)

"Designing Women" But with Lizards (Jameson)

What Does Frank Langella Smell Like? (Brandon)

CSI: CSI (A criminal investigation unit that just investigates murders that take place on the set of CSI) (Dan)

Grand-Daddio (Jameson)

"Like New" Girl (Brandon)

Jay Leno Can't Do That on Television (Mike)

So You Think You Can Judge a Televised Talent Competition? (Jameson)

I'm Not Done Eating That! (Brandon)

Showing Ice Bucket Challenge Videos to People From Countries Where Potable Water Is a Precious Commodity That People Fight and Even Kill For (Joe)

Joe Regalbuto's Tranq-Dart Rodeo (Jameson)

Hey, Need Some Cucumbers? (Reality show about people trying to get rid of their extra garden produce) (Dan)

Charlie Rose: Zombie Slayer (Jameson)

Quirky Funny Couple Falling in Love Oh Wait No That's Just a Beagle and a Sock, Oops (Brandon)

Hey, What's on Netflix Right Now? (Jameson)

...With Billy Bush (Dan)

Survivor: Ferguson (Joe)

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