Aug 8, 2014

Last week, it was revealed that former President George W. Bush has written a book about his father, former President George H.W. Bush, and that the book will be published on November 11th. An official title has been made public yet, but there have been many ideas that have already been shot down...

Rejected Titles for George W. Bush's Book About George H.W. Bush

Bush on Bush (Brandon)

If He's So Great, How Come I'm the Two-Termer? and Other Musings (Mike)

That's My Mom, Not My Grandma (Joe)

If You Think Owning a Baseball Team Might Make Your Dad Proud, at Least Pick a Better Team Than the Rangers (Jameson)

President Daddy (Soon to be a live action Disney movie!) (Dan)

How Dick Cheney Happened (Tenessa)

Much Ado About Noriega (Matt)

The Person I Most Admire, By George W. Bush, Grade 7 (submitted late for partial credit) (Jameson)

This Book Is Prudent at This Juncture (Dan)

The H Is for Hamburglar, the W Is for Wankmaster, and Yes, We're Pretty Sure Grandpa Prescott Was Drunk at the Time (Brandon)

Cromwell to My Brolin (Mike)

Overcoming a Last Name That's Slang for "Pussy Hair:" A Multi-Generational American Success Story (Joe)

If You Think Iran-Contra Was a Big Deal, Wait 'Til You Hear What Happened When I Spilled Applesauce on the Living Room Rug (Jameson)

Fifty Shades of Bush (Dan)

Barbara's Bitch (Tenessa)

Reading My Dad's Lips: A Lifetime of Misunderstandings (Matt)

My Father, George H.W. Bush, and His Father George W.H.W. Bush, and George H.W.H.W. Bush Before Him (Jameson)

Bush League (Dan)

The Presidential Oreo Cookies to Bill Clinton's Creme Filling (Brandon)

My Dad Was a Real Motherfucker, in That He Literally Fucked My Mom (Mike)

The Story of the Second-To-Last President Who Couldn't Nut Up and Finish Off Saddam (Joe)

Bin Ladin Determined to Strike in U.S. (Jameson)

Precious: Based on the Novel "Bush" By Sapphire (Dan)

His Legacy, and How I Shat All Over It (Tenessa)

Remember to Come Up with a Title for This Book (Jameson)

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