Jul 25, 2014

What song couldn't be improved by changing its focus to food?

Songs About Food

—Wanna Be Sautéin' Somethin' (Brandon)

—Every Little Dash of Salt Is Magic (Mike)

—She's Got a Brisket to Fry (Tenessa)

—Dude Cooks Like a Lady (Jameson)

—Baby Got Baby Back Ribs (Dan)

—Who Left the Hot Dogs Out? (Matt)

—Don't Think Twice, It's Allspice (Brandon)

—Raspberry Beignet (Mike)

—Seven Bacon Army (Tenessa)

—Grape, You'll Be a Raisin Soon (Jameson)

—I Can't Make You Love Meat (Brandon)

—I Still Haven't Ground What I'm Cooking For (Dan)

—La Bomb Pop (Matt)

—Oops!... I Burnt It Again (Jameson)

—Bad, Bad Kentucky Hot Brown (Brandon)

—Let's Hear It for the Poi (Tenessa)

—Flambé It in the Rain (Mike)

—Harper Valley PBJ (Jameson)

—Instant Shawarma! (Brandon)

—What a Friend We Have in Cheeses (Tenessa)

—Sundae Chocolate Sundae (Matt)

—I'm All Out of Lard (Jameson)

—If I Ever Lose My Faith in Stew (Brandon)

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