May 2, 2014

Despite the fact that it was published more than 150 years ago, Herman Melville's Moby-Dick is still considered one of the greatest novels of all-time. However, Moby-Dick was not the only title that was considered...

Rejected Titles for Moby-Dick

Andy-Dick (Brandon)

Tuesdays with Moby (Jameson)

Are You There, Moby? It's Me, Ishmael (Mike)

You Can Skip Past All the Long Chapters That Just Talk About the Whaling Industry and Still Pass the Exam (Joe)

Moby-Dickstein (the whale was originally Jewish) (Dan)

A Boat Full of Hot Seamen and a Sperm-Hungry Whaler (Matt)

Stevie-Nicks (Tenessa)

The Little I Ask You Is Not to Promote It on That... and Not to Bring Them to My Games (Brandon)

LOL, Whale Like, "Whatevs!" (Jameson)

Moby's Fine, Captain Ahab is the Dick! (Mike)

Moby-Richard (Joe)

Moby-Dick, OR: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Whale (Dan)

Whales Be Crazy (Brandon)

Moby-...-You-Know-...-Your-"Special-Area" (Jameson)

Mo Better Dick (Mike)

The Great White Whale Not Named John Goodman! Heyoooo! Am I Right, Folks? No, You Know What, We're Kidding Around Here, He Happens To Be an Absolute Sweetheart of A Guy (Joe)

Carlos-Danger (Dan)

White Whales Only (Mike)

A Tale of Two Dicks (Brandon)

infinite dick (Jameson)

Hey Whale, You Up? (Mike)

Richard Melville Hall-Dick (Joe)

Doby-Mick (Dan)

Book that has a Crucial Plot Point Jake Taylor Will Remember Right Before Nailing His Ex-Girlfriend Lynn in Major League (Mike)

My Shitty Winter At Sea (Matt)

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