Jul 26, 2013

This week, former Congressman and New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner was in the spotlight again for the sexting scandal that caused him to resign from Congress in June 2011, as new details came to light, including the fact that Weiner used the fake name "Carlos Danger" when communicating with at least one woman. But that wasn't the only pseudonym he considered...

Pseudonyms Anthony Weiner Considered Before Choosing "Carlos Danger"

—Alejandro Terror (Tenessa)

—Randy Trousers (Matt)

—George Alexander Louis of Cambridge (wow, what are the odds?) (Mike)

—The symbol formerly used by the artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known as Prince (Jameson)

—Osama bin Jackin' (Joe)

—Rodrigo Bulge (Dan)

—Tony Penis (Brandon)

—Carlos Dangler (Jameson)

—Seymour Titz (Joe)

—Wanthony Aeiner (Dan)

—Hung Dong Longdong (Brandon)

—Chien-Ming Wang (Mike)

—Charles Dangerton III (sounded too GOP) (Jameson)

—Just In Beaver (Joe)

—@NYCMayorCrotchPix2014 (Dan)

—I.M. Wankinit (Brandon)

—Doug Bonesteel (sounded too GOP) (Tenessa)

—George Zipperman (Jameson)

—Benedict Cumberbatch (Joe)

—Notorious W.E.I.N.E.R. (Dan)

—Igotta Bigcock (Matt)

—Mayor of Titsville (though technically, it's only a municipality) (Brandon)

—Rep. Carlos "Anthony Weiner" Danger (D-NY) (Jameson)

—Jose Complicated (Dan)

Barkevious Mingo (Joe)

—Permanent Punchline (Mike)

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