Jun 28, 2013

This week saw the opening of White House Down, a movie about a fictional assault on the White House that features Jamie Foxx as a gun-toting U.S. President. This comes on the heels of 2012 releases Hyde Park on the Hudson, Lincoln, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, the March release of Olympus Has Fallen (which was also about a takeover of the White House), and the news that there will be a sequel to Independence Day, which also had a fictional President as a significant character, coming in 2015. And the Presidential movies won't stop there...

Additional Movies in the Works That Will Feature a U.S. President

Honey, I Shrunk the President (Mike)

Somebody Switched Roosevelts! (Joe)

Obamascare: Death Panels of Death (Brandon)

What? Pneumonia? I'm Gonna Die? Fuck: The William Henry Harrison Story (Matt)

Who Killed President Baby? (Jameson)

Presidential Seal (Tenessa)

Young Nixon Gettin' Laid (Joe)

The Trumanator (Matt)

Miss Congeniality 3: President Fabulous (Jameson)

Weekend at Ronnie's (Brandon)

Mallard Fillmore (Matt)

She-President: The Story of a Lady President. A Lady President, You Guys! (Joe)

The Confirmation of the Zombie Commerce Secretary (Jameson)

Who Framed Rutherford B. Hayes? (Matt)

If Kennedy Had Lived [that's not even a joke one, that movie would kick ass] (Joe)

FF7: Fast President, Furious Cabinet (Jameson)

Mr. Presidon't Even Go There, Child! (Brandon)

Alien vs. Predator vs. Martin van Buren (Matt)

Guess Who's Coming to State Dinner? (Jameson)

Woodrow Wilson in World War FUN! [slide whistle sound effect] (Joe)

Some Like It Harding (Matt)

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