May 24, 2013

Memorial Day weekend is here, typically the start of the summer travel season, and Americans are looking for vacation destinations to visit with their families. However, some destinations are less desirable than others...

Least Popular Tourist Attractions

—Stabby World (Jameson)

—Slippery Cliffs State Park (Matt)

—The Museum of Poorly-Thought-Out Comparisons to Hitler (Brandon)

—Garfunkeltown! (Mike)

—The Grandparents Who Don't Have HBO (Joe)

—The Wide World of Yentl (Dan)

—Dabney World: the Dabney Coleman Theme Park (Jameson)

—Wild Mongoose Children's Petting Zoo (Mike)

—Drug Mule Fantasy Camp (Brandon)

—The Incredible 3D Long-Drive-in-a-Hot-and-Noisy-Minivan Simulator (Jameson)

—Around the Spot Where Natalie Wood Drowned! (Mike)

—80s Bush Gardens (Matt)

—The Partially Completed John McCain Presidential Library, Featuring Decision Points Theater and "You Vet the Veep" Exhibits (Jameson)

—Is It Mud? (Mike)

—This Big Rock Pile Y'all Are Welcome Ta Lookit, If'n Ya Got a Mind To (Joe)

—Sarcasm Island (Jameson)

—Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl Victory Pavillion (Mike)

—The Year Round Christmas Village (Although, very popular for summer suicides) (Dan)

—Holocaust Denier Family Cruise Lines (Jameson)

—The Laissez-Fair: the Tea Party Amusement Park with No Tyrannical Safety Regulations! (Brandon)

—Ricky Jay's Collection of Preserved Epiglottises of Criminals and Known Sexual Deviants (Jameson)

—Courthouse Where John Wayne Changed His Name From Marion Morrison (Mike)

—The Least Popular Tourist Attractions Hall of Fame (Jameson)

—Terry Bradshaw's Backyard Mustard Factory (Brandon)

—Detroit (Jameson)

Baron von Contributors: Brandon Kruse, Matt Kruse, Dan Lee, Joe Mulder, Jameson Simmons, Mike Wagner

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