May 17, 2013

Anthony Weiner, the New York congressman who was brought down by a sexting scandal two years ago, has been rumored as a possible candidate for mayor of New York City. Weiner reportedly hired a campaign manager this week, and could announce that he's running as early as next week. And a Weiner mayoral run could give some media members an opportunity to have a little fun with his last name...

Headlines That Less Mature New York City Newspaper Editors Could Run During an Anthony Weiner Mayoral Campaign

—Weiner Hopes to Fill Hole Being Vacated By Bloomberg (Tenessa)

—Weiner Leaning Further Left Than Ever (Jameson)

—During Break From Politics, Weiner Found Solace Deep Inside Australian Bush (Matt)

—Weiner Particularly Excited Upon Entering Unfamiliar Race (Joe)

—Queens Ready to Show Love for Weiner (Brandon)

—Confident Weiner Promises to Cream All Comers (Mike)

—Weiner Looks Pretty Formidable, Admits Giuliani (Brad)

—Weiner Hopes Long Campaign Will Include Happy Ending (Dan)

—Exclusive: Jon Stewart Discusses Time Spent with Weiner in College Dorm (Jameson)

—Children Shave Weiner on Today as Part of Diabetes Fundraiser (Matt)

—NYPD Chief Orders Extra Protection for Weiner (Joe)

—Curious Weiner Willing to Give Big Apple a Try (Brandon)

—Weiner Hopes to Touch a Million New Yorkers (Mike)

—Weiner Open to New Ideas to Reinvigorate Base (Tenessa)

—Weiner Shoots Off in Public Forum (Jameson)

—Central Park Photo Op Shows Dog Licking Weiner (Matt)

—New York Muslims Slow to Accept Jewish Weiner (Joe)

—Opponent Quinn Admits Weiner Has Rubbed Her Wrong Way in Past (Brandon)

—To Surprise of Many, Weiner Pounded Mercilessly During Televised Debate (Brad)

—Brave Weiner Enters Flatbush After Previous Humiliation (Mike)

—Drivers Find Weiner Ads Very Distracting (Matt)

—Campaign Volunteers Thrilled to Give Weiner a Hand (Joe)

—Ex-Mayor Dinkins Talks to Weiner Every Day (Brandon)

—Weiner Takes Aim at Oversized Cups (Jameson)

—Weiner Stunned By Bizarre Attack From Dick Armey (Matt)

—Republican Assemblyman Has Long History of Problems with Weiner (Joe)

—Senior Citizens No Longer Have Much Interest in Weiner (Matt)

—Ignoring Doctor's Advice, Weiner Goes Hard for More Than Four Hours at a Time (Mike)

—Weiner an Acquired Taste Says Anderson Cooper (Matt)

—Bloomberg Didn't Think Weiner Would Ever Come Back to Life (Brandon)

—Jon Hamm Sick of Hearing About Weiner (Matt)

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