Mar 22, 2013

Dancing with the Stars launched its 16th season this week, Celebrity Apprentice is in the midst of its 6th season, while a new show, Splash, featuring celebrities in a diving competition, debuted this week. Celebrity reality TV shows remain popular, but not all ideas see the light of day...

Rejected Celebrity Reality Shows

Bringing Down the Kardashians (Dan)

The Comedy Central Roast of Gabby Giffords (Joe)

Bet You Can't Out-Masturbate Roger Federer! (Brandon)

Celebrity Heart Surgeon: Special Victims Unit (Mike)

Joy Behar Just Walks Around Saying Crazy Shit to People on the Street (Matt)

Tax Avoision Showdown (Jameson)

Carson Daly's Daily Carsons (Carson Daly retells half-remembered bits from Johnny Carson's Tonight Show years) (Dan)

Guess What Harvey Keitel Just Finished Eating (Joe)

Guess What: Harvey Keitel Just Finished Eating! (Joe)

The Lesser Brothers of Hollywood, with Frank Stallone, Chad Lowe, and Donnie Wahlberg (Mike)

Would You Like to Watch the Cast of Mr. Belvedere Try to Hop a Freight Train? (Brandon)

Shaq Reaches Stuff For People (Joe)

Dirk Benedict Is Reunited with Girls He Slept with While He Was on The A-Team (Mike)

Celebrity Indentured Servant (Matt)

Dick Van Dyke and Dick Van Patten Present: America's Next Top Dick Van (That's an old Letterman "Fun Facts" joke but we think you'll agree it's far too good not to recycle here) (Joe)

Pooping or Doing Coke? Celebrities Ducking into the Bathroom at the Chateau Marmont (Mike)

Who Dat? No Really, Who Dat? The Game Where Drunken New Orleanders Try to Identify D-List Celebrities During Mardi Gras (Matt)

So You Think You Can Nantz, Starring Jim Nantz (Joe)

Tom Hanks Does Normal Things Like a Normal Person, to Your Constant Amazement (Mike)

Celebrity Gut Punch (Dan)

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