Dec 14, 2012

Google, the number one search engine in the world, recently published several lists of the most popular searches from 2012, including items such as Whitney Houston, Gangnam Style, and Hurricane Sandy. And now that they've got those out of the way, they can release a list of the searches that never really caught on...

Least Popular Searches on Google

—Apple Maps fan club (Matt)

Downton Abbey spank bank (Brandon)

—Octomom parenting tips (Joe)

—African Americans for Romney (Mike)

—Fiscal Cliff party ideas (Jameson)

—Does "skid marks" have a double meaning? (Dan)

—Joan Rivers topless (Matt)

—duct tape handcuffs wilford brimley susceptibility to rohypnol (Joe)

—Snorkel Wyoming (Mike)

—Minnesota Twins great free agent signings (Matt)

—What's the name of that guy I ran into at the store yesterday? (Brandon)

—Camel anus removal (Jameson)

—Is eating expired monkey heart deadly? (Matt)

—Does masturbating to Siri make me mentally ill? (Dan)

—I think I'm in love with Siri (Dan)

—Digital marriage (Dan)

—Do I have hogwarts? (Matt)

—Vikings Super Bowl highlights (Joe)

—Where does orange juice come from? (Matt)

—How long can you live without pooping? (Mike)

—Jar Jar Binks single? (Matt)

—Mila Kunis pics with no sideboob (Jameson)

—Should I have drank motor oil? (Matt)

—Why is Dan so sexy? (Dan)

—PoopReading.com (Matt)

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