Oct 12, 2012

Even as entertainment options for Americans continue to multiply, board games remain extremely popular. But some titles are less beloved than others...

Least Popular Board Games

—Don't Spill the Coffee! (Dan)

—Drug Mule Millionaire (Matt)

—Trivial Pursuit: Straight-Up Honky Edition (Brandon)

—Guess Whom: The Game of Technically Correct But Unbearably Pretentious Public Grammar Correction (Joe)

—Hungry Hungry Hypocrites (Jameson)

—Feline AIDSopoly (Tenessa)

—Dichotomies! (Matt)

—Don't Upset the Warden! The Game of Prison Life (Brandon)

—Scrabble: All Vowels (Joe)

—Hedge Fund Managers of Catan (Jameson)

—Connect 872 (Tenessa)

—Making the Sausage (Dan)

—Fuck You, Larry! (Matt)

—Loveless Marriage: The Game Where the First to Die Wins! (Brandon)

—Draw Something: Muhammad Edition (Joe)

—Glasnost! (Jameson)

—Mid-Life (Tenessa)

—Abort It! (Brandon)

—Guess How Straight This Line Is (Jameson)

—Sorry! I Was Distant and Emotionally Unforthcoming Throughout Your Childhood; My Dad Was a Korean War Vet and I Don't Think He Ever Really Recovered, So I Didn't Have Much of an Example as Far as All That Was Concerned (Joe)

—Show Your Work! The Calculus Game (Jameson)

—Mole or Carcinoma? (Brandon)

Baron von Contributors: Tenessa Gemelke, Brandon Kruse, Matt Kruse, Dan Lee, Joe Mulder, Jameson Simmons

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