Sep 14, 2012

The major networks started airing new programming for the 2012-13 TV season this week, but for every show that makes it on the air, there are dozens of other shows that never see the light of day, and many for good reason...

Rejected Pilots for the 2012 Fall TV Season

Kite Swap (Matt)

You've Got Jazz Hands! (Brandon)

Jerry Seinfeld Wants It Made, But With His Limited Involvement (Mike)

LOST Babies (Jameson)

CSI: Law & Order (Dan)

Our Remarks Are Inherently Hilarious Because We're Gay! (Joe)

What Would You Jew for a Klondike Bar? (Matt)

That's So Ray Liotta (Brandon)

The Real Housewives of Middleton, Wisconsin (Mike)

Mariska Hargitay's Discerning Glare (Jameson)

Homophobic Dog Whisperer (Matt)

Lady Doctor Island (Jameson)

The Rape Legitimizer (Brandon)

So You Think You Can Derive Planck's Constant? (Jameson)

And Romney Makes Three! (Mike)

Family Sitcom With Absolutely No Homosexuals (Jameson)

Here Come Da Judge! (Starring Judge Reinhold as "Nathaniel Doctor", who is an accountant.) (Brandon)

Joe Regalbuto's Nightly Maritime Ordinances Update (Jameson)

Breakdancing Bad (Brandon)

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