Jul 20, 2012

A new Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, opened this week, just a few weeks after the successful release of The Amazing Spider-Man, and just two months after The Avengers became the highest-grossing superhero movie of all-time. But there are many other superheroes who won't be appearing in a theater near you...

Least Popular Superheroes

—The Enunciator (Matt)

—The Green Intern (Tenessa)

—The Mighty T'aint (Joe)

—The Hulk Who Only Gets Angry Over Perceived Slights Aimed at Country Music Superstar Kenny Chesney (Brandon)

—Sergeant Sorkinspeak (Jameson)

—Human Man: An average guy by day... AND night (Dan)

—The Pamphleteer (Matt)

—Spiderhermaphrodite (Tenessa)

—The Quilter (Matt)

—Indestructible Anterior Cruciate Ligament Man (Brandon)

—Sorta Fast Grampa (Matt)

—The Sarcastic Cyclone (Jameson)

—Iron Chef Man (Dan)

—The Placater (Matt)

—Wonder Womyn (Joe)

—Catman Scrothers, as portrayed by Scatman Crothers (Brandon)

—The Grocery Bagger (Matt)

—The Caped Holocaust Denier (Jameson)

—Former NFL Punter Ray Guy (Dan)

—Lhasa Apso Man (Matt)

—Captain Amicable (Brandon)

—The Dental Hygienist (Dan)

—Swamp Thang (Matt)

—Kenny, Who Can Tie a Cherry Stem in a Knot with His Tongue Almost Every Time (Jameson)

—The Beast Seducer (Matt)

—Supermanatee (Brandon)

—Aquaman (Am I right, ladies?) (Dan)

—The Archivist (Matt)

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