Mar 2, 2012

McDonald's recently added a new item, Chicken McBites, to its menu, giving customers yet another option to choose from. And while the fast food giant is always willing to experiment with new concepts, not all of them wind up seeing the light of day...

Rejected McDonald's Menu Items

—Chicken McWads (Tenessa)

—Crumbled Angus Handfuls (Brandon)

—Employer-Based McContraception (Mike)

—McFlührer (only available in plain vanilla) (Matt)

—Pillowcase Full of Dry-Rendered Lard (Joe)

—Deep-Fried Asthma Medication (Jameson)

—Big Muck (with twice the special sauce and none of that pesky lettuce!) (Tenessa)

—Mexican Border Control Salad (Matt)

—Sausage Egg McMatzo (Brandon)

—Quarter Pounder (now with real quarters inside!) (Joe)

—The Ray Kroc Memorial "Ray & Croc" Fried Seafood Basket (Jameson)

—Premium Chicken Breast Implant Mouthfuls (Matt)

—Haggis Happy Meal (Tenessa)

—The McRomney... no! Wait! The McSantorum, ummmm, the McGingrich. No, no, the McRomney. Sigh. (Mike)

—Chicken Bacon Orange Zest Ranch Habanaro Raccoon Deluxe Snack Wrap (Matt)

—Ann Curry Anti-Aging McFlurry (Brandon)

—Filet-O-Organ Meat (Tenessa)

—Muhammad-Shaped Hotcakes (with special portrait coloring sheet!) (Matt)

—Queerburger (Joe)

—McSteamy (bag of steamed broccoli bearing the likeness of Grey's Anatomy hunk Eric Dane) (Jameson)

—Foot Long Cock Wraps (made with 100% Grade-A rooster!) (Matt)

—The McMick (Shamrock shake that's 90% whiskey) (Brandon)

—Hot Fudge Rimjob Sundae (Matt)

—Dignity (Tenessa)

Baron von Contributors: Tenessa Gemelke, Brandon Kruse, Matt Kruse, Joe Mulder, Jameson Simmons, Mike Wagner

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