Jan 13, 2012

Beyoncé Knowles and her husband Jay-Z had their first baby this week, a daughter that they chose to name Blue Ivy, with the last name Carter (Jay-Z's given name is Shawn Corey Carter). But that was not the only name in the running...

Other Baby Names Considered By Beyoncé and Jay-Z

—Newest Single Lady (Mike)

—Jay Cougar Beyoncécamp (Joe)

—Sasha Franklin Pierce (Brandon)

—Wharrgarbl Alexiss (Jameson)

—Inanimate Carbon Rod (Tenessa)

—Smallie Biggs (Mike)

—Jay-B Girl (Brandon)

—Cartyr Kartir (Jameson)

—Lay-Z (Joe)

—Destiny's Child (BOOM! That just happened!) (Mike)

—Bat Masterson (Brandon)

—Remake Get (Jameson)

—Careless Whisper (Tenessa)

—Babe-Z, Featuring Beyoncé and Jay-Z (Mike)

—LemmehearyasayWHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT Kensington (Brandon)

—Stripper Name (Jameson)

—Boutros Boutros-Ghal-Z (Joe)

—DNA Goldmine (Mike)

—Qwikster (Brandon)

—Nevermind HereSheIs (On the off chance the child goes missing, this lightens a very tense 911 call by making it into an Abbott & Costello routine.) (Jameson)

—The 100th Problem (Mike)

—Göring Himmler Goebbels (Brandon)

—Hotbox Fannywhisker (Jameson)

—Jay-Tebow (Mike)

—Hobgoblin Mustafa (Brandon)

—Turducken Inspektor (Jameson)

—Friday Gemelke Lee. Oh, wait. That was me. (Tenessa)

—Beezow Doo-Doo Zopittybop-Bop-Bop (already taken) (Jameson)

—Gary (Mike)

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