Dec 9, 2011

Earlier this week, Alec Baldwin was kicked off of an American Airlines flight for reportedly refusing to turn off his cell phone because he was playing the game Words With Friends. Baldwin is the latest famous person to have this happen in the past few years, joining such notables as director Kevin Smith (too fat for his seat) and Green Day lead singer Billie Joe (pants too saggy). And that's just the tip of the iceberg...

Other Celebrities Who Have Been Kicked Off of Planes

—Whitney Cummings [was taking up a spot that could've gone to other, better passengers] (Jameson)

—Herman Cain [repeatedly suggesting that female passengers should "ride the Cain Train instead"] (Mike)

—Chris Paul [NBA commissioner David Stern unilaterally vetoed the purchase of his ticket] (Joe)

—John Lithgow [screaming about something on the wing] (Jameson)

—Antonio Banderas [tried to have sex with an air sickness bag – bag was later determined to actually be Melanie Griffith] (Brandon)

—David Carradine [autoerotically asphyxiating himself with the drop down oxygen mask] (Matt)

—Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales [hassling passengers for donations with a plaintive stare] (Jameson)

—Milton Berle [failed to purchase extra seat for his cock] (Mike)

—Wilbur Wright [first guy ever to be kicked off a plane – not a lot of people know that] (Joe)

—Jean Baudrillard [insisted on recontexualizing the plane as a mass hallucination of its passengers] (Jameson)

—Hume Cronyn [dead] (Brandon)

—Nickelback [enough already] (Mike)

—Chaz Bono [hypothetical children were confused, and their hypothetical parents had no easy answers] (Jameson)

—Sebastian Janikowski [kicking off] (Brandon)

—Donald Trump [insisted on bringing his private jet onboard] (Jameson)

—JFK Jr., technically [too soon?] (Joe)

—Phoebe Cates [refused to take her top off] (Jameson)

—Gary Oldman [attempting to hijack Air Force One] (Joe)

—Jerry Seinfeld [kept asking what the deal was with airline peanuts] (Jameson)

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