Nov 25, 2011

It doesn't take much to go from masterpiece to piece of crap.

Less Interesting Versions of Famous Book Titles

A Room with an Obstructed View (Matt)

Are You There, God? It's Me, Al Gore. (Jameson)

Charlie and the Regular Windowless Elevator (Tenessa)

Harry Potter and the Death of Cold You'll Catch If You Don't Button Up That Jacket, Young Man (Joe)

The Five People You Meet in Walmart on a Thursday Afternoon (Brandon)

To Look at a Mockingbird (Mike)

Frank N. Stein, CPA (Matt)

The Silence of the Mimes (Jameson)

Love in the Time of Hay Fever (Tenessa)

The Mundane, Post-Work Errand Running of Kavalier & Clay (Brandon)

Police Actions and Cease Fires (Mike)

As I Lay Queefing (Matt)

The Old Man and His Knee (Jameson)

Ombudsman of the Rings (Tenessa)

Where the Wild Things Do Their Laundry (Joe)

The Hitchhiker's Guide to Trenton, NJ (Brandon)

A Confederacy of Lunches (Mike)

The DeLuise Code (Matt)

Men Are From the XY Chromosome, Women Are From the XX Chromosome (Brandon)

—Tom Clancy's Thanksgiving Weekend Furlough (Jameson)

James and the Relatively Small Peach (Tenessa)

A Tale of Two Unincorporated Townships (Matt)

The Girl with the Tattoo of Her Cat (Brandon)

The Audacity of Bipartisan Compromise to Accomplish Little (Mike)

Moby Kevin (Joe)

The World According to Gorp (Brandon)

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