Nov 11, 2011

The success of Book of Mormon has created renewed interest in Broadway, but not all new shows are living up to that standard of quality...

Least Popular New Broadway Shows

Book of Herman Cain (Jameson)

—Kenny Chesney's Phantom of the Opera (Tenessa)

How To Succeed In Business By Screwing Over Those Chumps In the 99% (Joe)

Anything Goes (But No Anal) (Brandon)

Jersey Shore Boys (Matt)

Seven Kardashians for Seven Professional Athletes (Mike)

ReGlee: The Broadway adaptation of the TV adaptation of all your favorite Broadway tunes! (Jameson)

Avenue Jew (Joe)

A Night with Mickey Rooney and His Drunken, Half-Remembered Tales of Banging Martha Vickers (Brandon)

The Prostate Diaries (Matt)

Hello, Condi! (Mike)

Superman: Turn Off the Clark (Jameson)

Jaws 3-D: Turn Off the Shark (Jameson)

Turner & Hooch: Turn Off the Bark (Jameson)

The Departed: Turn Off the Narc (Jameson)

Cats: Now with Dogs! (Tenessa)

Wicked (Not to be confused with the brilliant and successful "Wizard of Oz" adaptation of the same name, this new production simply features douchebags with Boston accents screaming at each other for three hours) (Joe)

Hey, Isn't That Hal Linden? Nope, Nope, It Is Clearly Not (Brandon)

Damn Astros (Matt)

The Real Housewives of Ruthton, MN (Mike)

Matthew Broderick Shits in a Tin Bucket Live on Stage for 45 Minutes (Jameson)

Les Moonveserables (Joe)

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the GOP Nomination (Brandon)

Annie Get Your Gum (Matt)

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