Nov 4, 2011

This week, 2012 GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain has been taking a lot of heat in the media for allegations of sexual harassment that took place back during his days as the National Restaurant Association. As it turns out, sexy lines and restaurants go hand-in-hand...

Herman Cain Pickup Lines or Things People Might Say in a Restaurant

—"I hope you're not allergic to nuts." (Mike)

—"You have GOT to taste this meat." (Tenessa)

—"You haven't lived until you've put a couple of black cherries in your mouth." (Brandon)

—"I usually do the drive-thru, but tonight I feel like coming inside." (Jameson)

—"Is your fine Chocolate Port available for me to enjoy tonight, or would you rather that I just uncork my Pinot?" (Matt)

—"Right now it's about a 15-20 minute wait. Hold on to this, it'll light up and start vibrating when I'm ready for you." (Joe)

—"I've heard that you whip your own butter." (Mike)

—"My breadstick is really hard. Do you know a good way to soften it?" (Brandon)

—"You're gonna be glad you wore that bib." (Jameson)

—"I'd love nothing more than to have you toss my salad right here at the table." (Matt)

—"I hear you've got the sloppiest taco in town." (Tenessa)

—"Ever tried the French Dip?" (Mike)

—"I was just planning to bury my face in some melon, but now I can tell I'm gonna need a taste of that rump roast." (Brandon)

—"I heard you had a two-for-one special tonight." (Jameson)

—"What do you think will come first, my sausage or your taco?" (Matt)

—"Let me introduce you to the manager." (Mike)

—"Do you hand-squeeze, or just stick it in the juicer?" (Brandon)

—"I'm paying for you, so don't be shy about the surf and turf." (Jameson)

—"Damn girl, I just got crème fraîche all over my pants." (Matt)

—"Whoops! How did my meatballs end up on your salad plate?" (Jameson)

—"How much would I have to pay to put a bun in that oven?" (Matt)

—"Keep doin' that and I'll have no choice but to slap you with a big tip." (Mike)

—"They say your tuna melt can't be licked." (Brandon)

—"Who ordered the dark roast?" (Jameson)

—"When I bring out this 16-oz T-bone and set it down in front of you, your jaw is going to drop." (Matt)

—"If nobody comes within the first 30 minutes, it's free." (Joe)

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