Oct 21, 2011

The movie Zookeeper, which featured Kevin James and a cast of real animals who speak thanks to CGI-assisted facial expressions, was released on DVD last week. The movie has done fairly good box office, and so considering Hollywood's current love of remakes, it's only a matter of time before we start seeing old favorites with new animal faces...

Upcoming Movie Remakes Featuring Talking Animals

Catsablanca (Jameson)

The Dogfather (Mike)

Bonnie and Clydesdale (Matt)

Raiders of the Lost Aardvark (Brandon)

The Pig Lebowski (Jameson)

Seven Brides For Seven Baboons (Matt)

Hannah and Her Fishsters (Brandon)

Seven Years at the Vet (Jameson)

The Gradu-Ant (Matt)

Shakesteer in Love (Brandon)

Cat Batman (Jameson)

Sweet Gnuvember (Matt)

Erin Crocovich (Brandon)

Twelve Angry Hens (Jameson)

The Man Who Knew Two Musk Oxes (Matt)

Of Mice and Mice (Brandon)

You've Got Snail (Jameson)

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kinkajou (Matt)

Frog/Nixon (Brandon)

Terns of Endearment (Jameson)

A Clockwork Orangutan (Matt)

Doggy Day Afternoon (Brandon)

Tootseal (Matt)

Obedience Training Day (Jameson)

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Walrus (Matt)

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