May 27, 2011

The popular game show Family Feud will celebrate its 35th anniversary in July 2011. And while its survey question format seems like the essence of simplicity, over the years, there have been some topics that just didn't come with any easy answers...

Family Feud Questions That Failed to Get 100 Survey Responses

—Name Something You Respect About Donald Trump (Mike)

—Name Something You Yell During Orgasm (Jameson)

—Name a Use for Paris Hilton (Tenessa)

—Name a Film in Which Lee Horsley Bangs a Muppet (Brandon)

—Remember Christopher Lowell? How Gay Was That Dude, Right? (Joe)

—Name Something Dumber Than Wall-to-Wall Media Coverage of an Idiot Predicting the Precise Date of the Rapture (Mike)

—Name Someone You Would Kill If You Knew You'd Never Get Caught (Jameson)

—Give Me One Good Reason I Should Go to Your Cousin's Bat Mitzvah (Tenessa)

—Name a Profession Where You Get Kicked Repeatedly in the Back (Brandon)

—What Was Your Largest Fraudulent Tax Deduction? (Jameson)

—Other Than Masturbating, Name Something College Guys Do in Their Dorm Rooms (Tenessa)

—Name a Black Person You Are Friends With. (White audience survey only.) (Brandon)

—Name Something Your Wife Does During Sex That Makes You Want to Vomit (Mike)

—Name That Girl That Gave You a Mint That One Time, Remember? (Jameson)

—What Is the Best Thing About Leaving a Newborn Baby in a Dumpster? (Tenessa)

—Name Something You Shout Into a Pig's Mouth (Brandon)

—Name Your Favorite Method for Deriving Planck's Constant (Jameson)

—Why Do Bitches Gotta Front? (Tenessa)

—Name One of the Seven Dwarves' Nicknames for Their Cocks (Brandon)

—Name a Compromise Barack Obama Made on Health Care Reform That You'd Like to Defend Publicly (Mike)

—Name a Politician Who Isn't Secretly Having an Affair (Tenessa)

—Name a Valid Reason for Hanging Toilet Paper in the Underhand Fashion (Jameson)

—What's the Deal with Airline Food? Am I Right, Ladies? (Brandon)

—Name a Family Feud Host Who Hasn't Committed Suicide (Tenessa)

Baron von Contributors: Tenessa Gemelke, Brandon Kruse, Joe Mulder, Jameson Simmons, Mike Wagner

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