Apr 8, 2011

President Barack Obama announced this week that he will be seeking reelection in 2012. As a result, his campaign staff is already hard at work on a new slogan to replace "Change We Can Believe In"...

New Slogans for the Obama Reelection Campaign

—Change You Once Believed In (Jameson)

—Yes We Still Sorta Kinda Think Maybe We Can (Tenessa)

—No, We Did Not Realize That "Win the Future!" Abbreviates as "WTF." Our Bad! (Mike)

—President Barack Obama: Think of Him as an Alternative to the GOP Alternative to President Barack Obama (Joe)

—Less Kenyan Than You Might Think (Matt)

—Look, Is "Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back" a Thing or Isn't It? Come On, People! (Brandon)

—Compromise and Capitulation We Can Rationalize (If You'll Just Hear Us Out) (Jameson)

—Michelle Bachmann? REALLY?? (Tenessa)

—Speaker Boehner Should Not Be the Only Person of Color in Government (Mike)

—I Got Your Birth Certificate Right Here [under a picture of him grabbing his balls] (Joe)

—If You Don't Re-Elect Me, You're Gonna Miss Out on Sasha's Awkward Pre-Teen Years (Matt)

—Even We Don't Know Why We're Bombing Libya (Mike)

—Assuming the Government Is Re-Opened By Then! (Jameson)

—Red, White, and Blue. And Black. (Tenessa)

—If I Lose My Job, Unemployment Will Go Even Higher! (Mike)

—Who Will You Blame If I'm Not President? (Jameson)

—Like Jimmy Carter, But a Little Smarter (Joe)

—An Exciting Opportunity for You to Put the Elect in Reelect! (Brandon)

—Help Yourself to Another Plate of Barackon and Eggs and a Refill on Your Cup of Joe (Matt)

—Yes We Can (After Giving Away Much of What We Believe in During Negotiations) (Mike)

—We Just Don't Have the Heart to Do Anything About Biden (Joe)

—Please, Please Nominate Palin Against Me (Jameson)

—Apparently Comprehensive Health Care Reform, Saving the Economy, a Roaring Stock Market, Declining Unemployment, Improving Test Scores, a Declining Gender Gap of Wages, Fewer Abortions, and No Terror Attacks at Home Really Sucks. Fine, Let's Go Back to How Bush Did It! (Mike)

Baron von Contributors: Tenessa Gemelke, Brandon Kruse, Matt Kruse, Joe Mulder, Jameson Simmons, Mike Wagner

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