Mar 11, 2011

His brother Charlie Sheen has been dominating the headlines recently, so naturally people are wondering what's been going on in Emilio Estevez's life?

Things Emilio Estevez Has Been Up To Lately

—Going to bed early in preparation for Daylight Saving Time. (Jameson)

—Winning... his fantasy baseball draft. (Mike)

—Auditioning for a recently available role on a popular CBS sitcom. (Sean)

—Constantly updating and rearranging the "Who's Crazier, My Brother or My Ex-Wife?" flow chart that he keeps in his bedroom closet. (Joe)

—He bought a new humidifier pad for his furnace, but the one he got turned out to be too small, and then the one he exchanged it for turned out to be slightly too big, so then he had to cut it down to size himself. It turned into a whole big thing, you know? (Brandon)

—Thanking God he never took the Sheen screen name. (Matt)

—Staging an all-Claymation version of The Breakfast Club. Filming it? No, nobody's filming it. (Tenessa)

—Tying, drawing, and/or stalemating. (Joe)

—Consulting with the courts about the possibility of some sort of sibling emancipation. (Jameson)

—Finally taking those pants in to the tailor to get hemmed. (Mike)

—Frequent visits to the chiropractor as a result of a substantial increase of hanging head in shame. (Sean)

—Funding and conducting scientific research toward the goal of one day making ducks even mightier. (Joe)

—He's been living it up with a few "goddesses" of his own: his girlfriend, who's a former Sears foot model understudy, and her mom. (Brandon)

—Working tirelessly to raise money to ensure that they finally put out that fire at St. Elmo once and for all. (Matt)

—Filming a pilot for THREE and a Half Men. That'll show him! (Tenessa)

—Gleefully rooting against the Miami Heat, just like the rest of us. (Joe)

—Bingeing on suitcases full of Coke and partying with hookahs. (Jameson)

—Searching in vain for a Southern California McDonald's that still has a ketchup pump instead of those God-awful tiny packets you have to open 17 of before you can eat your fries, and by then they're cold. (Joe)

—Well, that Jenga game clearly wasn't going to play itself. (Brandon)

—I don't care what it is, I just hope he's wearing that handkerchief from Men at Work while he's doing it. (Matt)

—Waiting. For what, he's not at liberty to say. But when it happens, you'll know. You will most certainly know. And if the time ever comes when something really goes down – I mean really goes down – and you think to yourself, "Is that what Emilio Estevez was waiting for?"... well, let's just say that if you have to ask, then it clearly wasn't. (Joe)

—Being Daddy's favorite. (Tenessa)

Baron von Contributors: Tenessa Gemelke, Sean Hecht, Brandon Kruse, Matt Kruse, Joe Mulder, Jameson Simmons, Mike Wagner

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