Oct 1, 2010

It was announced this week that pop star Justin Bieber will be launching his own line of collectible dolls, toys, and plush teddy bears for fans to buy this Christmas. But it appears Bieber will have plenty of celebrity competition...

Other Products Being Launched by Celebrities

—Bobby Cannavale's Justin Bieber Repellant (Jameson)

—Ron Jeremy's Pop-Up Memoirs (Joe)

—Eva Longoria's Microwavable Desperate House Fries (Brandon)

—Radiohead's OK Computers (Tenessa)

—Uncle Sam's Syphilis Home Injection Kit (sold only in Guatemala) (Mike)

—Sir Mix-A-Lot's Baby Got Back Hair Remover (Matt)

—Ben Stein's Oversized German Beer Mugs (Tenessa)

—Lady Gaga's Instant Erection Inverter (Jameson)

—"Secretly a Douchebag," the New Fragrance from Lance Armstrong (Joe)

—Baldwin Brothers Brand Sibling Rivalry Scorecards (Brandon)

—Colin Powell's Colon Trowel: The Miracle Tool for Scraping Bowels! (Tenessa)

—Duggar Family Defective Condoms: For the Woman Looking to Trap a Man (Mike)

—Rourke's Mickeys Brand Rohypnol Pills (Matt)

—Larry Hagman's Gentle Reminder of Larry Hagman's Existence (Jameson)

—Glenn Beck's Insta-Tears (Tenessa)

—Keith Olbermann's Tinfoil Hat Collection (Joe)

—Tea Party Brand Pea Tarts for Twee Partiers (guaranteed to make you pee tardier!) (Brandon)

—The John Slattery General Awesomeness Enhancer (Jameson)

—Mia Hamm's Meal o' Ham (Tenessa)

—Mel Gibson's Ethnic See n' Say (Brandon)

—The Naomi Watts Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb Set (Jameson)

—Brett Favre's Indecisive 8-Ball (Tenessa)

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