Sep 3, 2010

Back in July, TV host Glenn Beck announced the founding of an unaccredited online education program called Beck University. The school currently offers classes in religion, American history, and economics, but the options won't stop there...

Additional Courses to Be Offered at Glenn Beck University

—Crying Your Way Through Fear Mongering and Character Assassination (Jameson)

—How to Misinterpret the Constitution for Your Own Political and Financial Benefit (Mike)

—Tricking the Liberal Media Into Giving You Tons of Free Publicity 101 (Joe)

—Interpretive Dance: The War on Christmas (Tenessa)

—College-Educated, Middle-Class Whites and Other Disenfranchised Minorities in American History (Brandon)

—Intro to Anti-Muslim Theater (Matt)

—Connect Any Policy Proposal to Nazi Germany in Five Steps or Less (Jameson)

—Keys to Success: Adding a Second N to Your First Name (Mike)

—The Importance of Being Faux-Earnest (Joe)

—Advanced Studies in Not Noticing the Dates of Important Historic Speeches (Jameson)

—Red, White, and Bloomberg (Tenessa)

—Make Your Own Book Title Using the Words American, Real, Government, Big, and Idiots (Brandon)

—The Delicate Politics of Ethnically Cleansing All Democrats (Matt)

—Unicellar Reproduction in Lower Mollusks: Just Another Tenet of the Progressive Agenda (Mike)

—Construct Your Own Straw Man Opponent (Jameson)

—How To Look As Nondescript as Humanly Possible (Joe)

—The Misunderstood Upsides of Slavery (Tenessa)

—Topics in Chalkboard-Based Paranoid Free-Association (Jameson)

—Sometimes the Helicopters Aren't Black (Brandon)

—Giving Vituperative Slander the Ring of Self-Evident Fact with the Simple Addition of a Condescending Tone (Jameson)

—Women's Studies 101: The History of Non-Vaginal Christian Birth (Pass/Fail) (Tenessa)

—Distinguishing Your Extremist Disciples from the Larger Pool of Wackjobs by Setting Up a Special Online Program (Jameson)

—You Think a Monkey Could Do This? Ha! I'll Show You (tetanus booster required) (Brandon)

Baron von Contributors: Tenessa Gemelke, Brandon Kruse, Matt Kruse, Joe Mulder, Jameson Simmons, Mike Wagner

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