Feb 12, 2010

Last weekend, while appearing as the keynote speaker at the National Tea Party Convention, Sarah Palin appeared to use crib notes written on her hand to help jog her memory in a post-speech Q&A session. And apparently this isn't the first time she's done this sort of thing...

Other Things Sarah Palin Has Written on Her Hand

—Katie Couric's home security code. (Matt)

—A startlingly realistic drawing of Levi Johnston's penis, in order to verify the authenticity of his Playgirl pictorial. (Brandon)

—"Need to get: a gallon of milk, a pound of butter, an ounce of genuine humility." (Tenessa)

—"Pander; Pander; Snide Folksy Remark; Wink; Pander; Repeat." (Jameson)

—"Use other hand to rub genitals or you'll smudge." (Mike)

—"M"y "V"ery "E"xcellent "M"other "J"ust "S"erved "U"s "N"ine "P"izzas (still there from a quiz on the planets while in fifth grade). (Joe)

—List of things not to say when first meeting former Congressman Dick Armey. (Matt)

—"Desmond is my constant." (Tenessa)

—"People Who Are Not Allowed to Insult My Family: Letterman; Rahm Emanuel; Limbaugh." (Jameson)

—Directions on how to decode the encrypted, anti-Obama message on her other hand. (Matt)

—"Tripp is your grandson, tripe is the thing that you eat." (Brandon)

—"Call back Steven Hawking re: quarks, lipstick." (Mike)

—Potential unicorn names. (Matt)

—"McCain = Righty-Tighty, Obama = Lefty-Loosey." (Tenessa)

—A kindergarten-style drawing of a turkey she made by tracing her other hand. (Jameson)

—The six degrees of Obama to Stalin. (Matt)

—The lyrics to "We Didn't Start the Fire" as a way of remembering important moments and figures from history. (Tenessa)

—What she thinks is her Twitter feed. (Jameson)

—"Rhode Island, not Rogue Island." (Matt)

Lost spoilers, for the next time those shutterbugs try to get cute. Let's see how much fun it is to take pictures of ol' Sarah P's hand once it ruins Hurley's big secret from Episode 7, huh? (Joe)

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