Dec 20, 2009

NFL 2009, Week 15

by Joe Mulder

Last Week: 8-8

Overall: 101-105-2

The Smartest Thing I Said Last Week:

There's an old Nostradamus quatrain that was recently uncovered, in which the medieval mystic attempts to predict the result of just one 2009 Jaguars game. Eventually he just writes, in Latin, "You know what? Screw it."

It's not often that The Smartest Thing I Said Last Week comes from a game I picked incorrectly, but here we are. The Jaguars were three-point favorites over the Dolphins at home, and I picked them to beat that spread. They lost the game, but my point was reinforced: nobody has the slightest idea that the Jaguars are going to do.

The Dumbest Thing I Said Last Week:

Redskins @ RAIDERS +1

The Raiders had actually beaten some good teams in the month or two leading up to this game, but you just can't pick the Raiders. You just can't. And I know better.

On to this week's actionů

Colts @ JAGUARS +3
COWBOYS @ Saints -7.5

As is my custom, I've already picked these games incorrectly.

BEARS @ Ravens -11
PATRIOTS @ Bills +7
CARDINALS @ Lions +12
BROWNS @ Chiefs -1.5
Falcons @ JETS (no line)
Dolphins @ TITANS (no line)
TEXANS @ Rams (no line)
49ers @ EAGLES -7.5
RAIDERS @ Broncos -14
Bengals @ CHARGERS -6.5
PACKERS @ Steelers -2
Buccaneers @ SEAHAWKS -6.5
Vikings @ PANTHERS +9
GIANTS @ Redskins +3

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