Dec 25, 2009

Many people enjoy a good Christmas carol this time of year... just not these ones.

Least Popular Christmas Carols

—Have Yourself a Merry Little Filibuster (Jameson)

—O Christmas Knee (O Can of Balm) (Mike)

—O Come, All Ye Shrugging, Disinterested Agnostics (Brandon)

—The Little Drummer Boy Who Didn't Get Any Presents Because, You Know, The Ecomomy (Joe)

—Do You Hear What Sarah Palin Hears? (Mike)

—Whose Child Is This, Maury? (Jameson)

—I Saw Mommy Kissing Tiger Woods (Joe)

—Away in a Death Panel (Mike)

—It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like That Weird, Unproductive Period Between Christmas and New Year's (Brandon)

—Eugene, the Brown-Nosing Reindeer (Mike)

—Deck the Halls With a Grossly Unconstitutional Socialist Health Care Boondoggle (Joe)

—Corduroy to the World (Brandon)

—The Third Noel: With a Vengeance (Mike)

—It Came Upon the Midnight Clear, and Was Sponsored by Windex (Jameson)

—We Wish You a Larry the Cable Guy Christmas (Brandon)

—God Rest Ye Merry Tiger Woods's Johnson (Mike)

—O Holy Night (And By "Night," I Mean "Husband," And By "Holy," I Mean "Drunk") (Joe)

Baron von Contributors: Brandon Kruse, Joe Mulder, Jameson Simmons, Mike Wagner

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