Nov 27, 2009

The United States Public Interest Research Group, a non-profit consumer advocacy organization, released its 24th annual report on toy safety this week. The report, entitled "Trouble in Toyland," cited an Elmo lunchbox for overly high levels of dangerous chemicals, a dinosaur picture book for too much lead, and a Fisher Price phone for excessive noise levels. But the list of dangerous or inappropriate toys didn't stop there...

Other Toys Listed on the "Trouble in Toyland" Report

—Stomp On My Scrotum Elmo (Sean)

—She Was Asking For It Barbie (Joe)

—L'il Bartender's Guide to Fixing Daddy's Drink (Brandon)

—The Extremely Hot Oven for Babies (Matt)

—Get the Lead Out: The home testing kit to teach kids about lead levels in their toys (contained dangerous levels of arsenic) (Jameson)

—Bi-Curious George (Matt)

—Stabzo, the Transformer that changes from a sharp, pointy robot into an even sharper, pointier robot (Jameson)

—The Adam Lambert Prime Time TV Oral Sex Simulation Pop-Up Book (Joe)

—Baby's First Bag of Medical Waste (Sean)

—Playmobil Adult Film Playset (Matt)

—The entire Baby Nietzsche set of DVDs (Jameson)

—Autoerocodiles: The crocodiles that do it all by themselves! (Matt)

—The Richard Gere Limited Edition Zhu Zhu Pet robotic hamster (Brandon)

—Uroons: The urine-filled balloon! (Matt)

—Let's Plot to Assassinate the Black President board game (small pieces represented a choking hazard for children under 3) (Jameson)

—"Where's the G-Spot?" interactive DVD-ROM (Matt)

—Highly Poisonous Ant Farm (Jameson)

—Lesbianimals! coloring book (Matt)

—Baby-Chokes-a-Lot 180-piece ball bearing set (Jameson)

—Sucker Punch: The Board Game (Brandon)

—He-She Man (Sean)

—Predatory Lender Panda (Matt)

—Hasbro's CandyLand sequel, BoozeTown (Joe)

—Urani-yum! Glow-in-the-dark Thermos and lunchbox set (Jameson)

—Snoopy's Big Book of Holocaust Denial (Matt)

Baron von Contributors: Sean Hecht, Brandon Kruse, Matt Kruse, Joe Mulder, Jameson Simmons

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