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Mar 13, 2009

New York Yankees starting pitcher Chien-Ming Wang is back with the team in spring training after a foot injury caused him to miss the entire second half of the 2008 baseball season. And while his last name is pronounced "Wong," that shouldn't stop the news media from having a little fun with the more common pronunciation...

Chien-Ming Wang Headlines That Less Mature Sports Editors Could Try to Run During Spring Training 2009

—Eager Wang Excited About Getting Back on Mound (Brandon)

—Yankees Plan to Handle Injury-Prone Wang Carefully (Brad)

—Pumped-Up Wang Sticks It to Twins During Doubleheader (Matt)

—Aging George Steinbrenner Hopes Wang Can Still Perform (Joe)

—After Eight Months of Waiting, Girardi Finally Gets Wang Back (Mike)

—Healthy Wang A Huge Concern, Says Jeter (Sean)

—With Wang in Hand, Girardi is Getting Excited (Jameson)

—Wang Looks Good in Florida Sunshine (Brandon)

—Robust Wang Gives Yankee Pitching Coach Dave Eiland Renewed Confidence (Matt)

—Wang Sore After First Workout in Eight Months (Brad)

—Wang's Resurgence Encouraged By Yanks (Joe)

—Madonna Likes A-Rod, Loves Wang (Jameson)

—Wang Proves Health By Tossing One Off (Brandon)

—Damon Shaves Wang as Part of Elaborate Spring Training Prank (Matt)

—Girardi Admits to Worrying About Wang's Stamina (Brad)

—Wang Finishes Early in First Time Out (Brandon)

—Wang Healthy, Rested, and Ready for Yanks (Jameson)

—Wang Still Sensitive When Worked Hard for Extended Periods (Matt)

—Rusty Wang Needs Some Polishing (Brad)

—Hideki Matsui Thrilled to See Wang Again (Brandon)

—Wang Returns To Rubber Following 2008 Scare (Joe)

—Six-Foot Three-Inch Wang a Sight For Sore Eyes in Yankee Clubhouse (Matt)

—Wang Spectacular in Short Work, But Unable to Go the Distance (Sean)

—Unexpected Stiffness Still a Problem for Wang (Brad)

—Injury-Free Wang Creams Competition in Spring Blowout (Matt)

—Catcher Posada Claims Wang Looks Better Than Ever (Brandon)

—Wang Recovered from Foot Injury; Name Also Spelled Like Slang Word for "Penis" (Jameson)

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