Jan 30, 2009

Other Revelations in Joe Torre's Upcoming Book The Yankee Years

Which is not to be confused with the best-selling male adolescent sex guide, The Yanking Years.

NFL 2008 - Super Bowl XLIII

Come on, Steelers. You've got to win. For anything to make any kind of sense, ever again, you've just got to.

"The State" Reunion at SF Sketchfest

Professor Uses Mathematics to Decode Beatles Tunes

Jan 29, 2009

"It's a Fat Free Food!  Moo!"

Too much committee thinking and group input will invariably lead to the worst possible solution.

Steve Martin: Thinking "Pink"

Jan 28, 2009

Take Bacon. Add Sausage. Blog.

Basketball Teams That Wear Long Pants? They're Out There

Lonely hearts club band

Inside the Actors' Studio

Jan 27, 2009

You Got Served

Tuesday Morning Quarterback

What, Exactly, Is Slumdog Millionaire?

The Elements of Spam

A Wonderful Day for Washington, D.C.

Jan 26, 2009

Monday Morning Quarterback

Microsoft Oval Office

How Much Is a Best Picture Nomination Worth?

Jan 23, 2009

Possible Side Effects of Savella, the Newly-Approved Fibromyalgia Drug

Consult your doctor or pharmacist to learn whether these jokes may be right for you.

The Weekly Log - 1/23/09

Normally on Fridays in this space you get an NFL picks column out of me. Such a column is significantly more difficult to put together when there is no NFL football being played, so I debut a new Friday feature. I hope you like it.

One Final Toss For The Dooze

10 Fascinating Meetings in Modern History

Oscar Nomination Talking Points

The Alaina Rautio Interview

Jan 22, 2009

Obama Takes Oath Again, Faithfully This Time

The Cardinal Curse

Ridesharing in the Future

Jan 21, 2009

All the 2008 Movies I Saw

I only saw 20; that's what happens when you start having kids, I'm afraid. But, out of those 20, there were surprisingly few dogs. Find out which one I liked best; I'm sure you're just dying to know.

How the Movies Made a President

25 Ailments That Can Be Cured By Having Sex

New MLB Rules Cause Maple Bat Flap

Why Hollywood Needs a New Model for Storytelling

Jan 20, 2009

How to Waste an Oscar

In which we examine some films that are shoo-ins for Academy Award nominations, and why they shouldn't (necessarily) be.

"...A Kid in Iowa Who Grows Up To Become President..."

We originally published this piece back in November, but it seems like a good fit for inauguration day. And, if you haven't read it, it's new to you!

"Supergraphics" Anger Tenants In L.A. Office Buildings

The Game

Jan 19, 2009

Crisis-Aversion Index Cards That Get Me Through a Normal Day

I Don't Want My Web TV

Top Ten Worst Super Bowl Teams

10 Questions We Hope Lost Answers This Season

Jan 16, 2009

Surprises Planned for the Obama Inauguration

It can't just be all swearing-in and speeches. It can't!

NFL 2008 - Conference Championships

Pretty much everyone went 1-3 last week; I went 2-2. So, at least that's something. Plus, I single-handedly fix the NFL's overtime problem.

Obama Returns Night-Owl Presidency

Winless, But Not Witless...

My Tape Measure - An Appreciation

Jan 15, 2009

12 Underappreciated Comedy Actors and Actresses

These people are smart, funny, and hardworking. What do they have to do to get the recognition they deserve? Be smarter, funnier, and hardworkinger?

Rob Thomas and Company Get Ready to Party Down

The Minnesota Recount Was Unconstitutional

Hell to the Chief

Jan 14, 2009

"American Idol" Is Back, and I've Got It Covered

Now that "American Idol" is losing steam and getting desperate, to the point of adding a fourth judge to a panel that's been the same for seven years, I figure this is the perfect time to start writing about it on the internet.

How the City Hurts Your Brain

Is Obama a Real Post-Partisan?

Homeland Security USA Reviewed

Jan 13, 2009

A.V. Club Interview: Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement of Flight Of The Conchords

Film Critic Whores of the Year

From Daguerreotype to Photoshop

Tuesday Morning Quarterback

Ignorance is Not a Sportswriting Skill

They're Just Two Wild And Crazy Guys

Jan 12, 2009

The Best Show On TV

The title goes back to "30 Rock"... and, since all that needs to be said about that show's principals has been said already, we take a bit of a look at the episodes written by the man who's written most of the best ones.

The Cobra

40 For Cooperstown

Let Freedom Ring: Busting the Myth of the Salary Cap

Jan 9, 2009

Better Ways to Pick a College Football Champion

Anything's better than the system they have now. Am I right, ladies?

NFL 2008 - Divisional Playoffs

This is the week we turn it around. I feel good about things. I mean, if I can go 0-4 last week, I can just as easily go 4-0 this week. I mean, you'd think so, right?

The End Matter

Found Objects: The Recently Deflowered Girl

National Mall Reflects Magnificence and Neglect

Gay-Tham for Statham

Jan 8, 2009

My Year of Flops Redundancy Case Files #127 and #128: The Big Bounce and The Big Bounce

Who Checks the Spell-Checkers?

Putting an End to the Lebron-to-NYC Drama

"Wherefore" does not mean where

Jan 7, 2009

No Wonder Don Larsen Was Perfect

When Life is Just a Bowl of Freebies

Apples for a Nickel, and Plenty of Empty Seats

Jan 6, 2009

Where Do the Lions Go From Here?

What can the Detroit Lions learn from eight other NFL teams that have suffered through disastrous seasons? Plenty.

Pat Hingle Dies at 84

First Person Plural

Clint Eastwood: What I've Learned

Jan 5, 2009

The Nine Most Under-Appreciated Films of My Lifetime

I wrote this a few months ago, but it still holds true. Besides, if you haven't read it, it's new to you!

Resuscitation: A Q&A With the Creator of Scrubs

Bleeping Expletives

Favorite TV Characters of 2008

A Series of Letters to the First Girl I Ever Fingered

Jan 2, 2009

Better Uses for NBC's 10pm Time Slot Than Giving It to Jay Leno

Is it possible to burn a time slot? Or feed it to wolves?

NFL 2008 - Wild Card Playoffs

I would have sworn that it was "on a pile of money with many beautiful women," but, I looked it up and Brandon had it right. I shouldn't have doubted him. Anyway, here's some crap about football.

11 Words That Sound Offensive, But Aren't

Ravens' Pryce is a Screenwriter

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